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The National Trust for Cultural Heritage 문화유산 국민신탁

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In collaboration with:

Korean National Trust for Cultural Heritage

Samsung Art & Design Institute


The aim of this project was to explore, through Service Design methods, opportunities for supporting and developing service solutions for the National Trust of Korea. Established in 2002 it has increased its membership from 8000 in 2014 to its current membership level of 14000. As a heritage and cultural organization still in its infancy, there is a need for it to grow and also broaden its membership among younger generations.







Designing for a culture completely different from Western culture wasn't easy. That's why this stage of immersing ourselves in the culture and speaking with young Koreans was so important. It was also crucial to experience the National Trust sites and experience it, in order to truly understand what and whom are we designing for.


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To structure the research and all the insights discovered, we tried to visualise what does a holistic experience looks like for a young Korean and create a persona, to be a starting point for our ideation. Young Koreans are attracted to crowds and to places that are "instagrammable".

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How might we make the National Trust trendy and instragrammable through creatic educational holistic experiences?


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The Solution


To dig deeper in the service concept and how it can be implemented, was created a detailed journey map to understand how young Koreans could use the membership. A lot of questions arose:

How are users gonna be aware of our service?

How are they gonna understand the benefits of the youth membership in order to join it?

We know that young Koreans need constantly changing information and content, so how can we make them engage with the service, so it's not only a membership they join but also one that they engage with?

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Testing & Feedback


To test our service concept, we created a rough prototype of the National Trust Youth pack, to understand if young Koreans would actually want to share it on social media and if they could relate to the content while being educated about Korean Heritage. We also wanted to understand what could be the value of this service, both for the user and for The Korean National Trust.

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Service Expansion


We briefly tested this idea with seniors and younger generations, and the feedback was positive. Of course the content and branding would have to change, but the kit idea was accepted by other crowds, as long as it as information that regards them.

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