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UK: +447765285123 

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I’m a service designer, researcher and facilitator. I believe creativity together with empathy can create meaningful services that have a long-lasting impact on peoples lives. Throughout my 3 years of working experience and studies, I’ve specialised in shaping end-to-end user experiences for services across both digital and physical environments. 


My background is in UX Designer, both in San Francisco and in Lisbon. More recently I’ve been working as a Service Experience Design consultant, with different clients such as: United Nations Development Programme Somalia, Somers Town Community Association (STCA) and The National Trust of Korea. In these different settings, I've worked with design research, experience and interface design, as well as visual communication


As a design professional, I believe Design can be an enabler of change. Not only through crafting digital experiences, improving efficiency or costs, but also considering the small details that can make a difference and how can the service be of good to their customers. I am a Design enthusiast not only because of the outcomes that it can create but because of its process: putting people in the centre of every decision.


As a person, I believe in the power of human kindness and that together we can achieve wonderful things. After the refugee crisis stroked in 2015, I’ve volunteered in different refugee camps in Athens, trying to help in any way I could. This “experience” made me realise how lucky I am and that I want my professional life to meet my personal beliefs: I want to design for good.


University of the Arts London

MA Service Experience Design and Innovation

UCL Berkeley Extension

UX Research Course

Fine Arts University of Lisbon

BA Communication Design


Korea National Trust for Cultural Heritage

Design Against Crime Research Center


UX Designer

Multiple clients

Service Design Consultant

Havas Design

Graphic Designer


United Nation DP Somalia